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Alumni Casnati

La comunitĂ  degli ex-alunni del Casnati! #ioandavoalcasnati

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Personal Assistant to CEO

Lugano Svizzera

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Liceo Artistico
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Personal Assistant to CEO
Sito Web

I am a reliable person, well organized, independent, and a lover of organization. My best asset is the ability to work in a team and carry out tasks. I’m a strongly motivated person and I like to take on challenges. I like to follow the programs of the day and achieve all of my assigned goals in time. My skills are graphics based. I am able to use Indesign, to create the layout of a book. I can retouch images with Photoshop and create something new with Illustrator. I can also use Finalcut, to edit a clip or a movie. I usually try some innovative ideas. I can also write about art and fashion costumes. I really like to draw, using colour pencil, Pantoni, and water-colour. I have good knowledge about all materials used in fashion and accessory sectors. Considering that I have a knowledgeable background in arts, fashion design and most recently management of luxury brands, I am able to bring all of these fields into a grounded knowledge and appreciation of the brand. Thanks to 3 years studying Fashion Design at Naba and the master degree in Luxury Brand Management I gain a strong understanding of the fashion luxury retail market. I have always successfully executed projects through careful planning, organising and with a keen eye for detail. I have the capability to confidently communicate easily and effectively at all levels. I also have fashion flair, and the ability to translate academic theory into practice based on knowledge gained from my honors degree received from Regents University. I think that the creativity field and the managing field cannot live without each other. They coexist, and one is as important as the other, just like two trains that are going in the same direction, towards the same objective: selling the product. It is inevitable to understand the importance of the value that the product brings and these values are what we are going to sell, to promote it.

Studente Universitario
Istituto Alberghiero | 2016

Liceo Linguistico | 1979

Istituto Alberghiero | 2019

Chef de partie
Istituto Alberghiero |

Alumni Casnati

Alumni Casnati

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Centro Studi Casnati

Cambridge International School
Centro Studi Casnati

Cambridge International School

Il Centro Studi Casnati raggiunge un prestigioso traguardo internazionale e diventa una Cambridge International School. La storica UniversitĂ  di Cambridge ha selezionato il nostro istituto che diventa una delle 50 scuole riconosciute in Italia. Gli studenti del Casnati si immergeranno in un percorso didattico che consentirĂ  una crescita personale e formativa di respiro internazionale, con un curriculum che diventerĂ  ancora piĂą autorevole e prestigioso.

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